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you are correct

my name is not “Abram”, but i would rather not have my real name anywhere on this blog so I can be honest.  i chose Abram (who you may know as Abraham) because he was promised offspring by God and had a very tough time waiting.  in Genesis 16, Abram was so frustrated that God had not come through that he slept with Sarai’s servant, who had Ishmael.  this was when he was 86 years old.  his firstborn with Sarai did not come until he was 99, thirteen years later.  Abram must have spent many nights outside counting the stars and struggling with God’s promises.  i can relate to him.  he was called by God to stick by his wife and wait for the blessing.  this blessing came much later and was in God’s timing.

i want this to be a place for those of us counting those stars.  i want to provide a place for men to discuss, chew on, and support each other.  i want us to be able to wait for Isaac in a way that lifts up God.

i also want to have a place to lay out the journey.  this will hopefully one day be a testament to how faithful our God is.

my wife, “sarah”, is an amazing woman of God who will also detail out this process that has been very difficult for the last years.  i pray that she can both encourage and support those who have been going through a similar situation.

i am very saddened that infertility has been mostly ignored in my social circles and i do not really have any mentors in this area because it is a very personal issue.

i have also noted that there is very little information out there for men going through this.  this has been a very difficult process and can be very damaging to a marriage if not tackled with hard work and intent.  my hope is that my portion of this blog can be helpful with encouragement and some insight on how we might be better supporters of our wives or families.

God is not safe, but he is good.  may our belief be credited to us as righteousness.