1-2 I cry out loudly to God, loudly I plead with God for mercy.
   I spill out all my complaints before him,
      and spell out my troubles in detail:

 3-7 “As I sink in despair, my spirit ebbing away,
      you know how I’m feeling,
   Know the danger I’m in,
      the traps hidden in my path.
   Look right, look left—
      there’s not a soul who cares what happens!
   I’m up against it, with no exit—
      bereft, left alone.
   I cry out, God, call out:
      ‘You’re my last chance, my only hope for life!’
   Oh listen, please listen;
      I’ve never been this low.
   Rescue me from those who are hunting me down;
      I’m no match for them.
   Get me out of this dungeon

      so I can thank you in public.
   Your people will form a circle around me
      and you’ll bring me showers of blessing!”

(from The Message)

I painfully prayed this Psalm this morning as we are going through another month of infertility.  I likened myself to David in the cave, crying out to God.  I realized three things from this passage that can really help me in this time:

The Cave

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1. appeal to God – there is no one else to appeal to.  His plan is above all others.  He is above all things.  from Him, and through Him, and to Him are all things.  let yourself go before Him and lay it all out.  i know we live our lives against Him most of the time, but he wants to hear from us.  this is painful.  it is healthy to ask questions and be in pain before Him.

2. make it right – let go of your strength for a strength that is even bigger.  let it not be about you and let Him know how you have grasped on to these things and put them above God.  i have found that many times fertility has become an idol that i have placed before God and decided that everything else he wants to do in my life is put on hold until i can get this sickness fixed.  let these things go.  get right with Him.  confess how we have tried to be our own gods.

3. acknowledge that the only hope is in His grace – we are not entitled to children.  we are not specifically promised to be parents.  these miracles are His to give.  once we can make ourselves right with Him we can take note that it is His grace that we hope for.  our good works or religion will never earn us fertility or salvation.

I pray that when we are brought out of this prison we are excited to sing of His grace; to “thank Him in public”.

– Abram –