where we are at

we have been married for a few years now.  “abram” and “sarah” are anonymous names we selected from the story of Abraham and Sarah in Genesis.

we always thought we should wait 3 years or so to start trying to have kids

over 3 years ago we decided to try to have kids and went off of birth control.  to our surprise “sarah” never started a natural cycle.  we went through many phases of trying to get pregnant since that time.  we started out with natural supplements and progressed along the way to acupunture.  we saw some results from acupuncture and were excited to hopefully conceive.

that part of the process seems like forever ago

since then we have switched to medicine and are taking a much more aggressive approach.  we have switched to the provera, shots, and acupuncture coctail that is basically only available for a few months.

we wanted to start writing down this process a while ago but it has been hard until this point to sit down and write our thoughts down.  we feel that we are now in a much more healthy state and are slowly learning to grow with God in the midst of this journey

what this blog is

this blog is a place to share the perspective, advice, and process of a husband and wife dealing with infertility.  this blog is about how God is revealing himself, how we have learned to deal with this fate, our hope for the future, and encouragement for those along the ride with us.  we will share blessings, struggles, advice and art that we feel can help us and help others.

what this blog is not

this blog is not a technical place where you will hear about “sarah’s” body and every private detail about her girl parts.  this blog is not a day by day diary of every doctor appointment and specific roadblock along the way.  we know those facts and have no need to share them with random readers.  this blog is not a place full of acronyms specific to the infertility community that shuts out casual readers.  this is not a place full of “sunday school” answers of how we should feel as we go through this.  we are anonymous so that we can be fully honest with the steps we are going through and how they affect our spirituality, friendships and marriage.