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My guess is that most of you reading this blog have a thorough understanding of the infamous “2 week wait”. But just in case you’re popping over here and aren’t/haven’t experienced infertility let me explain. In a typical woman’s cycle, she’ll ovulate around day 13-15 and then get her period 2 weeks later. For those of us trying to get pregnant, this 2 week window can be unbearable. It’s the period of time where you could be pregnant but you just don’t know. You’ve done everything you can do to get pregnant and now you just have to wait it out. I find myself over-analyzing every ache, cramp, emotion, sensitivity and wondering if they’re signs that I’m pregnant. By the end of the 2 weeks my mind is screaming that I’m probably not pregnant so I don’t get my hopes up but all the way to the deepest core of me I’m hoping that I am.

My 2 week wait ends tomorrow. Will this be my last ever 2 week wait? Or, will I be faced with the all-too-familiar negative test result phone call?

I don’t know how to prepare myself? Plan for the worst and hope for the best? What’s your advice?

I’m sure at least of few of you are veterans of the 2 week wait. What’s your advice for those of us that are going through it right now? Please share your best advice and hopefully we’ll get some good ideas listed for the next time we’re faced with the dreaded 2 week wait.